About Fortune 5

helping small-to-medium size businesses market themselves like Fortune 500 companies

Our Aim

creating a better world for small businesses

Fortune 500 is a branding & marketing agency geared towards creating 500 brands by helping the smaller companies improve their marketing strategy and processes.

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Our Story

It began with Mambay Kanu, a freelance web designer who sought to improve businesses of-all-kind through marketing, technology, and systems.

At an early age, Mambay taught himself various operations on the computer resulting in the creation of several websites, animations, video games, & several business plans before the age of 13. At the time, this was for fun & play.

Naturally a tech guy, he first started officially in business working with a clothing brand in his early college years. During this period, he utilized his web design skills, learned graphic design, and fell in love with marketing.

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His design work for the brand became highly-acclaimed and sparked the interests of several companies seeking similar results. From there, grew the opportunity to service more businesses who required similar services. Soon, Mambay found himself helping businesses from various industries.

This period gave him a new outlook as Mambay took to business on his own to service his local clients with dynamic designs & marketing services.

After years of servicing client brands as a freelancer, there came a need for expansion and desire to help more companies. In the end of 2019, he decided to form the Fortune 5 Agency.

Why F5?

We want to create a better world for the smaller guys

Whether it’s knowledge on the latest practices or *access to the best tools, we aim to give business owners a sense of relief that their branding and marketing goals are being taken care of.

Beyond our expertise in the different skills required to build and maintain successful branding campaigns, we care deeply about each company’s specific interests.

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What people say about us

  • Working with agency has proven to be one of the best decisions in my life. My company now has expanded beyond y wildest dreams
    Jennifer Lee
  • They literally created a plan to build a community around my brand... and it happened A+
    Brandon Ross
  • These people work best with businesses who are at the point where they need to expand.
    Katarina Johnes

Our Culture

  • Transparency at every level with each client
  • Process Driven, always looking to improve & innovate
  • Our Love, we love what we do; our greatest happiness is our client's success

What We Do For Our Clients Daily

  • Building your core and infrastructure
  • Helping you scale by developing your marketing department
  • Helping you automate by creating systems